The effects of ginger on the body

The effects of ginger on the body



Removing stains
To “gingerols” potent antioxidant in ginger let it against stains, scars and age spots fight. Some grated ginger and mix with crushed ice and use once a week.

Relieve inflammation of the skin
Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and blood circulation boost. Those who have skin disease eczema few drops of essential oil of ginger to bottled oil (like olive oil) add very soothing.

Do not use chemical shampoos and ginger because it has antiseptic properties and the fungus that causes dandruff are fighting. Grate ginger and pour a little water bottle and check directly to the scalp.

Scrub your face and body can easily make at home. Gritty texture Ginger is the best way to eliminate dead cells. Combine ginger with honey and apply to skin.
Ginger benefits, benefits of ginger

Ginger is the best natural remedy for nausea

Useful for hair growth
Ginger due to the antioxidants and volatile oil is one of the main ingredients of cosmetic products for hair. Ginger is also used in spray of dandruff. Ginger blood flow to the hair follicles and hair growth more.

Treatment of colds and flu
Sometimes he throws his cold feet and since there is no escape for the common cold virus, ginger can help. Ginger is a natural decongestant. When a cold is nothing more relaxing than a cup of hot ginger tea warm under the blankets. Grate the ginger in hot water and add some lemon juice and honey.

Natural antihistamine
Ginger for those who have allergy problems can replace some medical drugs. Daily cup of ginger tea can cure allergic sneezing and sniffles.

Forever young
Other benefits of ginger in the field of memory skills in older women.

Muscle pain relief
If you feel pain in the muscles or bad last night slept in the bathtub and pour a little ginger essential oil. Or the warm ginger powder and apply on affected parts. Ginger tea at the beginning of the menstrual cycle also reduces muscle pain and body aches.

Treatment of nausea
For the treatment of any form of nausea should use ginger. Ginger reduces the severity and frequency of vomiting and the best natural remedy for nausea.

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