Somethings You Must Read Before Botox

Somethings You Must Read  Before Botox


Botox, a deadly poison that has been many contributions to human health. It is a type of bacteria called “Clostridium botulinum” obtained earlier was used to improve strabismus patients. Since then, experts found patients to improve fine wrinkles around the eyes squinting from the bacteria used them as their eyes aberration is low.

Michel doctor, dermatologist, hair and beauty went on to tell you that the Botox injections when troubling.

Botox injections, only in special areas
Botox toxin that is out of control and power muscle contraction and relaxation it is. In fact, it is a problem but medical science has used the benefit of man. If the toxin is used in areas of inadequate or excessive, can cause serious complications such as breathing problems and even death as the only way of preventing this complication is referred to specialist expertise and proficiency.

Botox is not possible in all parts of the face and body. For example, if injected in the lips probability that the person talking, laughing and chewing food there is a problem or if the neck is used, the power to disrupt swallowing. Injections in the forehead or the eyes, if not done correctly, can be a problem in closing the eyelids drooping eyelids or double vision and make bedtime. Other side effects of Botox injections with improperly asymmetry that can be caused by the injection of different doses of the two sides. However, if one just in case the problem is a muscle or nerve injections should be done on both sides with different doses or contrast remains intact.

Headache and cold symptoms are normal
As mentioned, the first thing to Botox injections, be aware of the correct injection and dose appropriate for each location. If this dose is less than the muscle of the work taking place. If it is too complicated to create. Sometimes symptoms of a cold or headache occurs temporarily after injection. Of course the opposite is also nervous headaches and migraines with Botox injections and some will recover.

Botox for other items such as decreased sweating palms, armpits and injected if the standards are not necessary and not done by a specialist, has complications. For example, if the floor was too much Botox is injected in the wrong area, power in the hands of the individual objects will be disrupted.

 Botox reliable
Since this is toxic for human use should be changed so that it does not harm the body. This process, calculations and complex technology and vendor must have enough information about it. The products must be approved by the scientific centers of the world. Unfortunately, the high price and the lucrative business of Botox makes some producers without observing standards of production and to market the product.

Bvtaks·hayy high risk of developing complications as a result of this, so be sure to make use of Bvtaks·hay known. In this context, the UK is the first manufacturer of Botox. Then came Bvtaks·hay Korean and Iranian market. These products are licensed by the Ministry of Health and used for years.

All effects are temporary
Most side effects are temporary, created by Botox as treatment with this drug is temporary and must be repeated every 4 to 6 months, so if the result is injected in the wrong place with drooping eyelids and must wait until the effects go away . But if there is something wrong in the way only a small amount of medication is injected into the muscles surrounding the leak, its symptoms resolve within one to two weeks. Botox almost permanent and long-term side effects, unless you have standards and create a severe allergy. The allergic effects may persist longer in the body.

Who should inject Botox?
A group of people are allowed to use Botox among patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system or the nervous system, those who have an active infection at the injection area, people with herpes are in the area, pregnant and lactating women as well as those who are immunosuppressed. In patients taking high doses of anticoagulant drug use Botox should be injected because any skin causing bleeding and bruising encounter with a needle. But those who use lower doses, Botox injections are not a problem.

Be careful in choosing a doctor
For Botox in the first stage may be referred to a dermatologist. Plastic surgeons, ear, nose and throat specialists, surgeons, maxillofacial and ophthalmologists are also allowed to Botox injections. It should be noted that skin surgery, laser specialist, cosmetologists and hair transplant specialist dermatologists who are in fact the same periods, surgery, or laser hair transplant passed. Unfortunately, the titles alone, people baffled and confused because some jobber throws without expertise from them.
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Botox paralyzes the muscle did not result in a permanent
10 common questions about Botox

1. Is Botox is the age limit?
However inject it at an early age is not normally found unless significant folds after puberty.

2. deep wrinkles Botox can also help overcome?
The chains may only be resolved with Botox injections. In these cases should be sometime after the injection, the doctor again if necessary go to the other treatment strategies.

3. Can Botox when injected into the blood vessels and the bloodstream and cause systemic side effects?
Yes. That is why doctors should be careful that Botox be injected only into the muscle. However, if it enters the bloodstream, it may not cause severe symptoms because the amount is too low. However, if sensitive areas of the body through the blood to be moved, will be problematic.

4. Do not use Botox to reduce the effects of long-term or permanent paralysis muscle?
Botox paralyzes the muscle did not result in a permanent. After several injections just might, be resistant to Botox. The Botox effect will be fewer and shorter.

5. Do not massage the injection site may be manipulated?
No. This may cause the Botox into the adjacent muscles and cause problems.

6. Why do some bruising and swelling after Botox injections have become?
In most cases, bruising and swelling occur. Only sometimes may be due to rupture of a small blood vessel during injection caused some bruising which fades after 2 to 3 days.

7. Do not mix the gel with Botox and injections at the same time they correct?
No. The two material properties and materials are different and should be administered separately.

8. What cause infection and how it is treated?
Any injection of non-pasteurized If done, it can cause infection. Symptoms include hot one place, it’s an abscess and discharge. Infection is treated with antibiotics. If the abscess is caused to be discharged. Note that if this condition is left untreated may have permanent scars on the skin.

9. Is Botox in the armpit perspiration to meet the body’s waste disposal problem?
No. People who suffer from excessive sweating are usually two ways: sweat, so the only way unusual sweating Botox injections, and the other way remains limited. On the other hand, the effect of Botox is temporary and will not be discontinued sweating.

10. Is there a way to detect allergies to Botox injections to get there?
Botox tested before injection possible, but this is not common, unless you have a history of sensitivity and your doctor discuss the matter with him. Allergy symptoms such as Botox can cause itching, burning, hives and, in severe cases, shortness of breath, asthma and others.

There is possibility of blood Botox?
Yes. That is why doctors should be careful that Botox be injected only into the muscle. However, if it enters the bloodstream, it may not cause severe symptoms because the amount is too low.



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