Things and habits that reduce IQ

Things and habits that reduce IQ


Eating too much chewing gum

In the past it was said that chewing gum is a sport that increases blood flow to the brain, but a recent test, shows otherwise. According to the researchers, chewing gum for several hours, causing distraction and reduces IQ.


Overuse of fruits

Overuse of fruit is reduced IQ. High consumption of fructose (natural sugars found in fruits) the ability of insulin to metabolize blood sugar and energy production in the body reduces. Of course, eating too much fruit and not daily consumption per person. The consumption of omega-3 can protect the brain.


Doing some work together.

Do some work together to reduce IQ. Researchers say brain to do several things at the same time together, not designed. When you do not and your focus will shift quickly from one task to another, every time it does, to the cognitive part of the brain is damaged. In this case (the brain fuel) consumption is faster and thus the brain gets tired faster. Do some work together to prevent deep thinking and be creative.


Eat a lot of snacks of low IQ

Eat a lot of snacks (with low nutrient) for children under three years not only result in lower IQ levels. Research has shown that children under three years who regularly eat snacks, IQ less than their peers who show less interest in food.


Night work

The results of the laboratory samples shows, day and night rhythm disorder (internal body clock), reduces the efficiency of the hippocampus . According to the researchers, the jobs that have night shifts or with behavioral problems are frequent air travel.


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