Exercise for back pain treatment

Exercise for back pain treatment


at the end of the acute back pain or nerve roots lead. Usually due to pressure on nerve roots and spinal nerves or spinal cord caused but less common, Paget’s disease of bone or back pain due to bone such as bone cancers or cancers that have long bones that may occur and there is have


Exercise stretching: stretching exercises is one of the best treatments for back pain. Offer the following stretching exercises for low back pain treatment used.




Walk and jog
Walking is an excellent physical activity. It can be very simple walk, either the short or the long term, what is high and what is low walking speed, usefulness and its effect will be. If you walk to your number of steps to increase the size of your stride rather than more. In fact, the higher the pitch, the greater the amount of twisting the spine.



Swimming is the best exercise for those who suffer from low back pain. Swimming is a complete treatment for back problems. When the body is in the water, in a state of weightlessness and a set of constraints is released. As a result, the spine is not under pressure and body weight.



Cycling is useful if you have a perfect opportunity for exposure on bicycle (bike balance between size and body height) and does not create any particular problems for the spine. In this case, be sure to consult with your doctor, he can offer you the appropriate exercises and movements. The types of exercise bikes in sports clubs is a rear backrest, which is suitable for people with back pain.



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