Some Symptoms of dehydration

Some Symptoms of dehydration


Symptoms that warns you with water, but you usually ignore them. Familiarize yourself with eight of them.


Continuing dryness of the mouth

If your mouth is getting dry is probably because your body does not have enough water. If you realize very quickly dry lips and tongue sticks to the comet, it’s time to stop and take a drink of water.
Taking certain medications are causing dry mouth. Because of persistent dry mouth due to the side effects of medications may be dietary. Drink plenty of fluids to try to fix the issue.


The color of your urine is dark

Maybe a little strange, but when urine color changes and becomes dark yellow, the body warns you to drink plenty of water. Make sure the color of dark-colored urine before and worse, his brown, drink more water. Constipation and other symptoms of urinary tract infection may be dehydration.



Head shot kills for no reason? Your body may transmit the message that you need more water. The brain, like every body needs water to survive affairs. When the supply is not needed, and head of his opponent’s pain. Always leave and sip a glass of water at your finger. Probably with the same simple problem solving and concerns about migraine goes away.


Is hungry

You have heard that sometimes the body’s hunger and thirst wrong? When you do not drink enough water, your body thinks hunger, while you are thirsty. This advice to those who are planning for weight loss, but if you are hungry from time to time, it is better to eat a glass of water. If stomach growls sound sleep after a few minutes, it means that you are thirsty, not hungry! Trust your body and your symptoms correctly decoded.


Feeling extreme thirst
It is known that when thirst should be water, but do keep in mind that thirst is a sign not eat enough water. The work should not reach a point that killing thirst and then go into the water. Feel extreme thirst indicates that your body is experiencing drought. According to feel constant thirst may be a symptom of diabetes. In this regard, regular water would not eat up the card to excessive thirst; but if changes were made in the case, see your doctor for further evaluation.

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