Features of a good quality nail polish

Features of a good quality nail polish


Perhaps it can be said that a good varnish, one of the most difficult choices when purchasing cosmetics.
Several years ago it was enough just can not decide on the color lacquer. Today, in addition to the color choice of matte or shiny, gold having, watercolor, beans, velvet, luminous and …. Or simply decide to Locke.
Of course, all these decisions in the second round after Locke placed the brand and price. In addition, other important factors in choosing Locke should also be noted that usually gets less attention to it.
Locke is] one of these concentrations. If the varnish is thin, when Lac on the nails and cover a handy player will not arise is if a thick layer clot will form clots and outstanding.

The other is a brush-paint. Brush should be enough to cover a maximum of two to three the entire surface of the nail and soft enough not to drag on the nail surface trace.

Furthermore, strings varnish brush should be sturdy enough to be plucked when Lac and not sticking to the wet varnish.

A good varnish after drying should be perfectly smooth and free from any point, bubble, line, effect and is roughness.



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