Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency


We have low vitamin D levels naturally present in foods and fortified foods do not provide the vitamins needed by the body. With all this talk, vitamin D is not a vitamin regularly. In fact, a steroid hormone that most people gain value through the sun.


Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency :


Dark skin color

Africans are heavily exposed. People with dark skin color, 10 times longer than those with light skin should be exposed to the sun. According to Holick doctor skin pigment acts as a natural sunscreen, it is necessary to supply this vitamin more people are exposed to sunlight.


Sweating head

According to doctors, sweating at one of the early symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. In fact, doctors have numerous questions in the field of women who have a newborn baby, ask. Excessive sweating are common in newborn babies, which is due to neuromuscular irritability, early signs of vitamin A deficiency is considered.



Serotonin, the brain hormone that depends on the mood and the mood of people exposed to bright light sun rise and fall time is reduced.


Bowel problem

Remember that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. If people have a digestive disorder that affects the absorption of body fat, fat-soluble vitamins can be absorbed (such as vitamin D) also have the disorder. This includes gut disorders such as Crohn’s, celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, is an inflammatory bowel disease.

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