About Micropigmentation? Advantages and Disadvantages

About Micropigmentation? Advantages and Disadvantages


Micropigmentation for natural regeneration, balance and effects can be used up to face the long-term result will bring more beauty face. However, to do it as a permanent make sense or not? Pigment as a beauty center, said the work of the tattoo that has traditionally done, and enduring the pain and less bleeding. Less damage to the skin, and by repeating it in red or green color restoration a few years does not.


Micropigmentation what is the difference with tattoos?
Micropigmentation traditional tattoo is virtually the same manner, except that in this way, like seeds in the hair color and eyebrow hair to sit on the skin and it differs from traditional tattoos is that there is no longer a highlighted frame and bad, just plaits hair with a thin needle into the eyebrows dragged too deep and natural color but are not specified. The difference with the tattoo pigment in the way of its implementation, as well as pain and bleeding and inflammation that result in people making less.


Advantages Micropigmentation


May tattoos eyebrows, shorten time letting go is up. When the correct eyebrows with makeup, you may spend a lot of time to pencil and shadows. This part of the makeup eyebrow tattoo is completely removed.


Eyebrow fully consistent with the features of the face

Permanent eyebrows, generally for this popular that can be designed based on the characteristics of our face. If eyebrows are in place and properly, they can be, more effects and more drawn to show it. They can also help the larger the eyes. Sometimes the women decide to replace tattoos eyebrows their natural eyebrows because of their maintenance much easier.


Fixed problem eyebrow loss

Some women and men suffer from a disease called alopecia areata, which causes loss of body hair, including hair brow. Tattoos can fit through color and shape, to restore eyebrows to their natural state aid and eyebrows to hide hair loss.



Disadvantages Micropigmentation



All those tattoos done, in this case admit that tattoos, a painful procedure. Do tattoos on delicate eye skin, can be a painful process. However, above the eyebrows, tattoos practice area is small and fast, and the pain goes away in a short time.


Change Fashion

Model eyebrow that you choose today may be totally coordinated fashion. But fashion changes, may cause your eyebrow model is quite old. Decades ago, eyebrows perfectly proportioned perfectly clean and tidy and fashion lines, but today, more natural light and side to side eyebrows went wide. Select a shape of the eyebrows may be fashionable today, but not tomorrow.



Eyebrow tattoos may cause some complications, including infection. Some women have problems eyebrows tattoos or scars called keloids are bloated. If you have sensitive skin, or skin infections, you may eyebrow tattoos, a good option for you.

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