Several Simple Ways To Get Thick Hair

Several Simple Ways To Get Thick Hair



Every woman is beautiful thick hair and work very hard to achieve that dream and not overwhelming. To have beautiful thick hair is enough for a series of put food in your diet.


  • For faster hair growth, a diet rich in minerals and proteins have. A variety of foods such as milk, nuts (pistachios, walnuts ….) And milk products can be helpful.


  • Beta-carotene is very important for hair growth. Because as a body to vitamin A, which is converted to normal growth of hair, bone growth, maintain cover nerve fibers, as well as healthy skin, hair and nails helps. Beta-carotene is found in yellow and green vegetables and fruits.


  • Eating foods such as fruits and vegetables that antioxidant vitamins, such as various vitamins C, E and B vitamins and iron materials, zinc, copper and calcium in themselves, boost the immune system.


  • Foods containing vitamin C, such as tomatoes and oranges that increase your hair growth.


  • Raw vegetables, beans and fish use.


  • As far as possible from the dryer, irons and hair. Do not use all these dark thin hair and thin hair was dark when no other power and you’ll find over hair loss.


  • Water is one of the essential ingredients for a healthy and rapid growth of their hair. The more water you drink, the better your hair condition.


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