Breast cysts, breast cancer?

Breast cysts, breast cancer?


It may seem odd, but you are not alone; few women that the profile is not safe in his chest and cysts have not found a way to his chest.
It is true that suspicious lump is palpable together with his temper fears bears at least until the results of ultrasound and eliminates all women who suffer from this common problem, breast cancer is not caught. Dr. Nobles says that the continuous control of these cysts seriously, no doubt, but not finding The lumps in your breasts with cancer know one.

Almost all women in their lifetime to experience breast cysts once. Cysts, breast interior walls are thin and the liquid within it is consistent and clear. Cysts are usually small, but large cysts may be formed, but do not worry, because the size of the cyst because it is not dangerous.
There are two types of breast cysts; cysts simple and complex cysts. Most cysts in the breast (whether large, small) are simple cysts are no threat to health, may not only cause pain in the chest. The complex cysts are different, so that a thick wall and a heap be touched. Although not always the risk of breast cysts, but are not as harmless cysts before and if the sampling, examination dangerous mass is detected, treatment should be started.


How dangerous are breast cysts?

What could be a dangerous cyst mention the second cysts or the cysts are complex, but you do not identify them and they are dangerous. If the person touching the mass in your breast, you should see a doctor because the only way a definitive diagnosis of breast cyst, ultrasound or radiology. This means that no one can only conclude that the masses with the touch of a mass grave.



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