Exercise to increase height

Exercise to increase height


Your final height is dependent on heredity and environment, so imagine just inherited the final height is concerned, is wrong. Environmental factors such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, illness and stress affect your height growth.
You do not have control over your genes, but environmental control is at your disposal. Then you can try the following ways to improve your height.


Stretching exercises such as yoga, gymnastics, swimming, or even trying to help smooth stand to gain height. Synovial fluid is a liquid with elastic band with proper exercise can bring it. Exercise training is an example of a good exercise to help grow tall.


  • Leg stretch:

    Sleep on your back and imagine that a box pressed by foot. 5 count, get some rest and 4 set to do it again.

  • Sleep on your abdomen and repeat the above exercise.


  • Hip stretch:

      Sleep on your back and lift your knees up to the chest. Took them, kill.


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