Don’t Reheat These Foods

Don’t Reheat These Foods


Some foods warm up again after a series of toxic and hazardous substances that are dangerous to the body.

Today we introduce the foods that should not be warm again. 


Reheating eggs

The food when placed under high temperature, toxin buildup in the body. It is noteworthy that it includes foods that are cooked eggs is not. Avoid reheating of eggs.


Reheating potatoes

This food has a high nutritional value and are beneficial to the body. But if hot potato for the second time, it loses its nutritional value and create toxins from the body.


Reheating chicken

Eating chicken after a day can be very dangerous because protein synthesis and cause digestive problems. Because chicken is more protein than meat, it is better to use. If necessary cold is better at low temperatures and prolonged heat.


Reheating mushrooms

This is one of the most well-known nutrient materials that under no circumstances should be heated for the second time, because protein synthesis after warming will change again and will have digestive problems for the individual. If necessary, use the cold.


Reheating spinach

Reheating spinach can be very dangerous, this vegetable contains a high percentage of nitrate to nitrite after reheating, which are carcinogenic. Cook spinach immediately after use.



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