Several Method For Reduce Muscle Cramps After Exercise

Several Method For Reduce Muscle Cramps After Exercise 


If you have cramps after exercise, you should use this method :


Prepare your muscles before exercise

Make sure you start your exercise with a warm-up. Prepare the muscles and tendons to work, the best way to prevent injury.


Use ice

When severe sore muscles or legs are very tired, a 10-minute ice bath does wonders. Two tablespoons of tomato salt (magnesium sulfate) and then add the hot water, two bags of ice and cold water to add it. This water is very cold, but rest assured that when you come out of it, I feel so much better.


Games with muscles

If you can not tolerate extreme cold ice bath, flushing popular trick to use. First for 2 minutes, then pour hot water on his sore muscles, without delay, 30 second cool water. Repeat this 5 times. Hot and cold caused the opening and closing of blood vessels, which helps to get out lactic acid from muscle pain.


Drinking water

The body can not properly operate without water. Dehydration causes muscle cramps and pain intensified so drink enough fluids to dispose of lactic acid more



Perhaps in this situation, you do not want to move, but a walk and get up from a chair can loosen your muscles and help to reduce muscle pain.
In fact, mobility blood flow and oxygen to the painful muscle increases and facilitates the decomposition of lactic acid.

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