Fitness After childbirth

Fitness After childbirth


Burn fat around the abdomen and other parts of the body after birth is very important. Fitness after childbirth is one of the most important steps to a handsome woman. 9 months after you are overweight, you should slowly return to fitness before pregnancy. Today we introduce you to a few basic solution.



Do not pressure yourself for 6 months

The researchers emphasized that in the first six months after the birth of any diet and weight loss is not good, says in this era task is breastfed child with her milk. However, as soon as the child during infancy was also when he began complementary feeding, the mother can take to lose weight.


Maximum one kilogram a month

Many researchers recommend that women who are in a hurry, they can only reduce one kilogram in weight. Researchers believe the increased activity and lower non-beneficial food, weight loss process is done well. If the mother is more than a kilogram of weight per month will reduce the possibility of reducing the amount of breast milk there will be damage to the baby.


Junk food Ban

Should avoid unnecessary junk food during this period. Necessary to avoid junk food can help you do a lot of fitness. Milk you consume a lot of energy and as a daily exercise you burn calories just eating the extra snacks to avoid.

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