About sauna, benefits, harms

About sauna, benefits, harms


Sauna is one of the features that may be in your home, you may use it at the gym. The bath one of the best entertainment to relax and heal the skin.


Is made of cedar sauna room with controlled temperature in order to take advantage of the hot air used in dry or wet. Many Finnish sauna birthplace, and others know it belongs to the north of Russia.


The benefits of sauna:

– Increases blood circulation
– Skin
– Reduction of dead skin cells
– Relieve Arthritis Pain
– Increase metabolism. Each 30-minute sauna session can burn 300 to 500 calories
– Detoxifies the body


Disadvantages Sauna:

– Dizziness
– Dangerous for people who have these conditions: unstable angina, heart attack and severe narrowing of the aortic valve


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